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Island Info Guide is part of the TekiEazi solution for WiFi. It provide a platform for businesses to showcase their information to visitors to the Islands.

Reach audiences on-the-go, engage new markets and customers, optimize service to exceed your customers expectation and generate greater revenue. With our complete integrated web based system, customers can use any smartphone/ devices to place orders, make payment, give feedback, view business mobile website and be the first to see promotional offer.

Maximize the benefits of direct marketing while enhancing guests experience, promote your services with our Eazi Mobile Advertising, the fun, exciting and newest interactive advertisement medium. Price and quality were the traditional means for businesses to differentiate themselves from each other but technology is forcing businesses to rethink this approach. Many businesses are attempting to attract more clients by providing WIFI. Revolutionized customer experience through TeKi Eazi technology and create engaging experiences, attract and retain new customer through integration of technology and ultimately provide what ever client need…customer satisfaction.